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william darnaby

Ok....I went and found my NKP Society magazines covering these cars. The
Spring 1990 issue did the 15000 cars and the Winter 1991 did the 18000 cars.
First, there were no rebuilds of the 15000 cars...they went to N&W paint
and/or scrap pretty much as built. These were the square corner 1937 cars
built in 1936.

Second, the NKP acquired additional cars of the same design in 1941, 1942
and 1944, in the series 16000-17699, that were identical except for W corner
ends. These were rebuilt in 1963 (out of our period of interest) with the
gusseting, new roofs (the somewhat grainy photos indicate unpainted improved
roofs) and new 6' doors and renumbered into the 18000 series. There were,
of course, exceptions as some 119 of the 16000 cars were not rebuilt and
were gone by 1966. In addition, the last 300 cars of the 17000 series were
not rebuilt. Finally, the N&W itself rebuilt 300 cars into series

The bottom line for the period of our list is that the cars were unmodified.

Bill Darnaby

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--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor wrote: From such a late photo,
there is no certainty about WHO or WHEN it was rebuilt -- this work could
easily have been performed by the N&W for example. Do you have any photos of
any of the 15000 series cars rebuilt during the NKP era? I'm not saying it
can't be a NKP rebuild with a replacement roof for the original Viking roof,
but I have no information about that.

Tim, I really wish I did have a 15000-series rebuild photo clearly dating
from the NKP era, prior to the N&W takeover. All that I've found have been
of NKP 15797 in the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum: Alan Gaines' Fallen
Flags photo in badly rusted NKP P&L, and the Museum's 2010 NKP repaint
thereof. (The Museum's other car from this series, NKP 15979, is said to be
in the N&W hamburger scheme, but I haven't seen a photo.) That's why I'm
hoping that Ray Breyer or another NKP expert from the Midwest will chime in
on the 15000-series rebuilds. Heck, at least he's been to the Hoosier
Valley RR Museum - I only just found out about it today when I googled
"railroad museum, North Judson IN"! Any knowledgeable Hoosiers out there
with more detail on the NKP 15000-series rebuilds, i.e., rebuilder and date,
roof, etc?
Many thanks, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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