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Brian Carlson

Charles is essentially correct on the DL&W cars many of these were assigned
to flour service out of Buffalo. These cars represented almost 25% of the
DL&W fleet in 1957. Below is some additional information that I think I got
from Ed Hawkins at one time. There is no state of the are model for these.
I'd hoped Branchline would do the 12 panel car as a follow-up to their post
war 10 panel cars but they never did.

DL&W series 54000-54499 blt 1955 ?

12p riveted R+3/4E DP roof 8' 6p SUP doors

Classic Freight Cars V.8 p.66 (back cover) partial

DL&W #54396 w/ black ends and galvanized roof

DL&W series 54500-54999 blt 1955 ?

12p riveted R+3/4E DP roof 8' IY doors

Trains 4/1990 pp.46-47 1962 color photo #54577

scan DL&W #54544 w/ galvanized running board

DL&W series 55000-55499 blt 1957 ?

12p riveted R+3/4E DP roof 8' 6p SUP doors

scan Soph Marty 1963 photo DL&W #55197

55203 Bob's photos

DL&W series 55500-55899 blt 7/1956 ACF

12p welded R+3/4E 8' IY door DP roof

Rail Model Journal 8/1992 pp.24-29 photo #55699;

modeling article

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga, NY

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Any description help for the following cars is much appreciated.

DL&W 54842 54000-55899
MKT 96309 95000-96499 B
Clark, I'll have a try at these.

I think the DL&W 5400-55899 were 40' 12-panel riveted AAR boxcars built in
1955 through 1957. From the Jan 1958 ORER:

54000-55899: XM, Box, All Steel, W-Section; IL 40'6", IH 10'5", 8' doors;
3891 cu ft.; 1844 total cars

There are a large number of photos of these that have floated through eBay
and other sources over the last several years including some nice color and
overhead shots. I'll send you a selection off-list. A quick scan of these
suggests at least two door types were used (Superior and Improved

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