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Charles Hostetler <cesicjh@...>

Good Evening All,

Andy Laurent and I are collaborating on a series of posts about prototype waybills. We're going through the waybills in his collection one by one, and trying to understand the shipper, consignee, route, freight car, and commodity. Those interested can find the first of these posts here:

Full Disclosure: This waybill dates from 1962, 2 years past the cutoff date for this list. However, both Andy and my modeling interests are in the 1950s, so we have tried to place a priority on discussing the features of the shipment in the context of a time frame that is relevant to this group (1950 - 1957).

As we plan a series of these discussions, we would especially appreciate any suggestions for improvement in focus or completeness in this first one.


Charles Hostetler

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