Re: End brackets on CV 40000-series boxcar

Robert kirkham

How about sheet metal flashing? I don't see a "hat" profile or even a reason to think it is structural (i.e. bracing).

I believe some of the CNR GT cars (similar to the Accurail 4100 series <> ) had this as well.

Rob Kirkham

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I'm sure that this answer will elicit the correct term so here goes: how
about a "drip sill" as it seems to me that its function is to keep water
out of the braces.
I avoided the obvious 'drip strip' as too cute.

Ron Parisi

On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 2:21 PM, Marty McGuirk <mjmcguirk@...>wrote:

I'm trying to write a blog post on the Central Vermont's 40000-series Howe
truss boxcars (ACF, 1924) and can't find the right term to describe perhaps
the most unusal spotting features of these cars - that section of hat
bracing(?) that spans the top of the end braces. See for a photo.

Any thoughts on what to call this?

Also, am I'm correct in assuming this feature is unique to the CV's Howe
truss cars (in many ways the CV's cars were the first of what came to be
called the "alternate ARA standard" - which I believe Sunshine may refer to
as the "deFacto" ARA standard car.

Thanks in advance,



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