Re: Train Miniature Hart Gondola

Clark Cooper


See the December 2011 Railroad Model Craftsman for a review of the ProtoWest Models resin kit of an early all-wood version of the Hart gondola.

Mid-Continent Railway Museum has a composite version built in 1914, from the CNW. Pictures here:

-Clark Cooper

On Oct 28, 2012, at 1:14 AM, Andy Harman wrote:

I picked up one of these at a show last weekend. It was real cheap and I
had never seen anything like it before - and I've pretty much seen about
every plastic freight car. It had no markings indicating the
manufacturer. Painted green with N&W lettering - the half moon logo which
seemed too new for the car. The previous owner heavily weathered it (not
near as bad as the one in the above ebay auction). I figured it was some
AHM car I had never heard of... but later at the same show I found one new
in the box - Train Miniature and the box tab said it was a Hart
gondola. Oddly enough back in the 70s I thought I had bought one of
everything.... but never saw this car before.

I don't think Walthers has ever re-issued it, but maybe it just flew below
my radar. It's a pretty crude model, but it's an unusual car and I'm
wondering how accurate it is and who may have had them and what they were
used for. Maybe add another drop-bottom gondola to my future display shelf
which will just include cool gondolas regardless of era, or even scale (I
still have an unbuilt PBL Sn3 drop bottom). Right now it's going to the
wife's layout since she's the one who found it... if I decide to do a
serious build on one and can find good data, I'll seek out an unbuilt
original kit to start from.


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