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Just to clarify when Jim McFarlane told me about the steel "plate" on the ends of the 40000 series cars I thought he was referring to the flat plate on the bottom of the end that was in place of 3-4 of the lower horizontal boards. The Steam Shack/F&C resin kit duplicates this - sort of - since on the model the steel plate is taller than the prototype.

I will attempt to upload a picture of the end of the car into the Files section - and will add a posting to my blog ( shortly.

Getting back to the (top) end plate, here is a link to a photo on the Fallen Flags web site of the CN version. The top plate design is similar, although the end post arrangement is different.

These CN cars are almost the same design as the 1917 Canadian Government Railways cars that my old resin kit was based on. The major difference (other than a couple inches of carbody width, was the design of the end plates... the earlier cars had either a flanged steel plate or a fabrication of plate and rolled angles... I no longer have access to the general arrangement drawing, and I can't recall after all this time.

However, while a flanged steel plate can be made on a flanging machine with no additional tooling, the CN and CV parts are more complicated, and require the construction of a forming die, making these pressed steel parts.

However, I get the feeling the horse I'm beating expired long ago :-(


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