Re: GN Freight Car Painting, c. 1950


I assume you mean 1950 not 1950s, then the trucks on those two cars are sort of a brown not black.
The GNRHS website I believe still posts Reference Sheet 28 which lists colors; unfortunately, there are about three of them and they are not dated. In addition, I believe Model Railroader back in the mid to late 1940s or even early 1950s published a series of various RR color listings (not the diagrams) and the GN one was included from the 1945 Mech Engineering department if I remember correctly - this would also be correct for the year 1950.
Tyrone Johnsen
Rockford, IL

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GN Experts,

I'm finishing two HO scale GN models in November (Chad's flat car and the Sunshine SS box car) and would like to know please what color to paint the trucks. Were they black or Mineral?

John Golden
OFallon, IL

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