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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Ken O'Brien wrote:
I'm working on a Tichy PFE Reefer and I was wondering if there was an off the shelf paint for the sides and ends. Tichy's instructions call for blends of Daylight Orange & RG Yellow for the sides; BCR &Tuscan red for the ends, icing platforms, roofwalk(sic) and fascia.
Freshly painted, the cars were Daylight Orange on the sides, but this faded in the direction of yellow, so Tichy's suggestion is for a weathered color. The ends and roof color sound like the pre-1942 scheme with black roof sheets, not for a postwar paint scheme. The "BCR and Tuscan" suggestion is hard to evaluate, as different paint makers have quite different ideas about what is Tuscan. There is a paint chip for each of the original BCR and Orange colors in the PFE book.

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