34' Hart gondola (was Train Miniature Hart Gondola)

Earl Tuson

Tony Thompson wrote:

> As usual, John  knows what he's talking about.  However, it should be
> added that the Rodger-Hart design changed rapidly from the turn of
> the century, when the cars were 34' long with wood bodies and truss
> rod underframes, through the early 1920s.  In 1902 they were 36' long
> with steel center sills and truss rods under the side sills.  By
> 1906, they had become 40' cars with fishbelly steel side sills, and
> later in that same year, further improvement of the design introduced
> all steel body framing with wood sheathing and floors.
And it may be even more complex than he wrote. For example, the B&M purchased 100 34' IL Hart gondolas from
AC&F in 1907.

Joel Homes asked:

Does anyone have a plan or photo of the Hart 34' wood gondola?
I have attached a copy of the B&M class diagram for the 8900-8999 cars I mentioned above. Yahoo will strip it off,
but Joel should receive it. Anyone is welcome to request a copy off list.

Why scratch build? The Protowest resin model is a replica of the 34-foot car.
I checked the Protowest website and found an image of a seven panel DL&W car. The B&M 34' car had only 6 panels,
adding yet more variety to this category of car.

Earl Tuson

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