Re: Schedule for Prototype Rails in Cocoa Beach


STEWART--As you may have already gathered, the folks involved in Cocoa Beach are, to a person, kind, outgoing, helpful, and easy to get to know. You'll quickly feel among friends even if you don't know another soul when you initially walk in.

Bruce is right about the availability of good food. My wife makes it a point to come to this particular meet because the selection of restaurants is so great.

One more thing--sign up for the Shake-N-Take Clinic (I'm assuming it will again occur) as soon as you can. It's well worth the experience.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Best Wishes--CARL

Carl G. Camann
Atlanta, Georgia

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I'm thinking of attending for the first time ever and would welcome a general idea of the schedule for the purpose of making travel arrangements (e.g., do I have to travel from San Diego on Wednesday and return on Sunday?), probably through Orlando.

TIA for any assistance you can provide.

Best wishes,

Stuart A. Forsyth

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