Re: GN Freight Car Painting, c. 1950

Mark Stamm

Off Topic, but &#39 is the ASCII code for an apostrophe. So Yahoo had a
problem with the HTML conversion to what should have "I'm".



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Hi Stephan,

I don't knows what all that jibberish is either---something added by the
Chinese as they review all our emails, of course.

Nonetheless I got my flat car painted today and thanks to you the colors are
right. I'll get you a photo sometime soon. Thanks again and I hope you're
doing great.


John Golden
OFallon, IL

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I don't know what "I'm"stands for but the color of GN flat car and the
40' SS box car trucks (and the entire cars for that matter) around 1950 was
mineral red.

Staffan Ehnbom

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GN Experts,

I'm finishing two HO scale GN models in November (Chad's flat car
and the Sunshine SS box car) and would like to know please what color to
paint the trucks. Were they black or Mineral?

John Golden
OFallon, IL

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