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By 1950 some 9000 series cars were repainted all mineral red (including trucks) with the 54" GNR (Great Northern Railway) herald. Those not repainted after 1947 would have black ends and roof and a SFG-SAF (Side Faceing Goat - See America First) herald. The 9000 series was rebuilt in 1925 and would have been repainted repeatedly by 1950.

The 1937 cars (45000 series) had the same paint as the 9000 (black roof and ends and mineral red sides) but 72" heralds in the 1940's until 1947 repaints into all mineral red. So the plywood rebuilds (32000 series) were all mineral red as built in 1954 and 1955. Some still with wood sides and some of the plywood rebuilds would receive vermilion body color (mineral red trucks) and Empire Builder lettering after 1956.

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What color would the bodies, ends and roof have been of the GN 9000 series cars at that time that had survived? When would they have been rebuilt and painted? Also, what would be the color scheme for the 1937 steel roof and end with wooden side group before and after having plywood sides installed.


Bob McCarthy

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