Re: PFE Reefer paint suggestions

Tim O'Connor

Dick Harley at Naperville had many PFE reefers on display; he prefers the P-B-L "Star" brand
color for PFE orange to others. The Tru-Color to my eye seems a tiny bit off, but in the past I've
mixed my own colors. If you're modeling a car with a 3 or 4 year old paint job it hardly matters,
as these cars got dirty fast.

John Riddell had a good idea that I'm going to try. Just stick a 'popsicle stick' into each color
and let it dry. (I will use white styrene strips.) And label it... Then you'll have a ready supply of
colored strips to match to drift cards, photos, models, whatever.

Tim O'Connor

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From: "al_brown03" <abrown@...>

I built this kit a couple of years ago, painted all sub-assemblies with off-the-shelf paints from spray cans, without masking. Orange was Model Master "Go Mango 1969-70" (different from plain "Go Mango"), red was Tamiya Red Brown, underframe was a Tamiya black (either "Black" or "Matt Black", I don't recall which). I've posted the results, pending approval, to an album entitled "PFE R-40-4".

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

I'm working on a Tichy PFE Reefer and I was wondering if there was an off the shelf paint for the sides and ends. Tichy's instructions call for blends of Daylight Orange & RG Yellow for the sides; BCR &Tuscan red for the ends, icing platforms, roofwalk(sic) and fascia.

The car will be run on a post WW2 layout, FWIW.

Ken O'Brien

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