Re: Airbrush Clinic & Demo at Naperville

Robert J Miller CFA

My wife & I both were in the Friday session. It was the best thing I've done at the 3 RPMs we've been to. We disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled the brush we worked with. Then we practiced 4 techniques and finally did some actual weathering on a piece of our own rolling stock.

Kudos to Alan Houtz for a great clinic. The best part is the hands on experience.

I have 2 Paasche brushes - 1 single-action, the other double-action. I bought an Iwata compressor at Naperville - much quieter than my Craftsman.
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I am curious if anyone on the list participated in the Iwata Airbrush Clinic & Demo during the recent Naperville event and what learnings, wisdom, opinions, etc resulted in general about painting, airbrushing, the their specific airbrush?

Bill Welch

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