Re: Airbrush Clinic & Demo at Naperville

Jared Harper


I attended the Iwata airbrush clinic at Naperville. Although I have been a model railroader almost 60 years, own an Iwata airbrush, compressor and related accessories I have never learned to use an airbrush. I thought the clinic at Naperville would be an eye opener and would get me to overcome my inertia especially since I will be needing to paint freight cars and locomotives soon. The 2 1/2 hour clinic was helpful. We all got to practice different spray patterns with the Iwata double-action brushes on hand and then attempt weathering a freight car. We also learned how to disassemble and clean the Iwata brush which is quite simple. After it was all over I realize that I am going to need a lot of practice before I paint my rolling stock. However, I am very happy I participated and Alan was a good teacher helping me to overcome my reticence.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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I am curious if anyone on the list participated in the Iwata Airbrush Clinic & Demo during the recent Naperville event and what learnings, wisdom, opinions, etc resulted in general about painting, airbrushing, the their specific airbrush?

Bill Welch

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