Re: Airbrush Clinic & Demo at Naperville

Tim O'Connor

One of the reasons I like to use Floquil for weathering is that it can be
applied with less than 10 lbs of air pressure -- really helps when using a
double action with a #1 fine needle and tip.

In general with enamel paints (not Accupaint/Star/Tru-Color) I now try to mix
what I need for the paint session and toss out anything left over -- never put
it back in the source bottle.

Tim O'

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From: "Douglas Harding" <doug.harding@...>

I sat in on the hands-on clinic. As I already have an Iwata dual-action
brush and one of their top of the line compressors, I was knowledgeable with
the product line, and the proper means of disassembly and cleaning. But Alan
did an excellent job of running through this very important step, offering
pointers and why fors. He covered the difference in single action vs dual
action. And took us step by step through a variety of techniques with paper
practice sheets. It was in the sheets where I learned, as I had not
attempted some of the techniques he wanted us to master.

The paint use in the clinic was new for me, and a great opportunity to try
it. It took me a little while to master. Which I finally accomplished after
turning down the pressure on the air supply. Alan at the regulators pre-set
at about 20lbs, which was fine for general painting, but after I dialed back
to 15lbs I was finally satisfied with the subtle weathering techniques I was
want to master.

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