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Agreed. From F&C's FAQ:

"Are there any special instructions for painting the kits?

"Any brand of high-quality model paint is good and the model should not be primed before painting. We use floquil or Scale-coat on most of the models. The most important thing to do is to wash the model thoroughly before painting. We use a good degreaser (Ex. "Dawn" dish detergent, "Shout" Laundry pre-treater), scub the model well with plenty of water. Rinse the model well and when you think all of the detergent is off rinse it again. Allow to dry in a dust free location. (I use my china closet. Who really uses it anyway?)"

Talking with the owner at Cocoa Beach earlier this year, he (and his wife - both) were emphatic about the use of Shout. "It's the best degreaser we've found."

Arved Grass
Fleming Island, Florida

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I use "Shout" the prewash stain lifter and wash all castings before assembly. Get's the mold release out of there. Needs more rinsing than "Dawn", but cuts through most mold release agents.
Pierre Oliver

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I bought two F&C kits at Naperville. Just painted one and am ready to prep the other.
I cleaned the first one with dawn detergent on a tooth brush. Still had some “fish eyeing� on the roof.

What should I have used to prep this F&C model for painting?
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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