NADX reefers for "Milk White Eggs."

Don Strack

With the new lightrail line almost completed south of Salt Lake City to
Draper (19 miles), the community of Draper is preparing a historic railroad
display intended to highlight its poultry past.

"Draper was founded in 1849 by Scottish immigrant Ebenezer Howard. The town
was named Draperville after William Draper, who had moved here with Howard,
and was also the first LDS Elder in the area. The community later became
known as the “Egg Basket of America” and shipped “milk white eggs” all over
the country. Cooperation between Utah State University and Utah Poultry
Producers refined the White Leghorn chickens to begin production of white
eggs as early as 1910. By the 1920s, "milk white" eggs became a national
trend among the best big-city restaurants, as well as consumers who were
willing to pay more for the perfect egg from Utah. Draper Poultrymen were
also the first to send "next day" eggs by express rail (see model above) to
New York City which proved to be very profitable. The story of Draper and
its milk white eggs will be told at the historical rail car display to be
built at the Draper Town Center Park-and-Ride. Preliminary preparations
for the historic rail car exhibit are started. An actual refrigerated rail
car from the period is being transported from Kanab, Utah as the
centerpiece of the exhibit, which also will include a water tower with a
message welcoming people to Draperville."

The announcement included what looks like a standard Athearn 40-foot
HO-scale reefer, painted for North American Dispatch, NADX, with lettering
for Utah Poultry Producers Cooperative Association, and the slogan "Milk
White Eggs." Apparently, they found a reefer down in Kanab, Utah, 296 miles
to the south near the Utah-Arizona line, and will be restoring and painting
it to match the model.

I am a bit curious if this paint scheme will be accurate.

Don Strack

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