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Andy said
will probably use Atlas flex unless the price goes up to where it's more
than ME or Peco or Shinohara.

Hi Andy,

Current list on Atlas Code 83

500 36" Flex track $6.49

505 #6 LH Turnout $21.95

506 #6 RH Turnout $21.95

Current Price on Micro Eng Code 83

10-104 36" Flex track $5.49

14-705 #6 LH Turnout $20.95

14-706 #6 RH Turnout $20.95

We sell both and buy both at the same dealer discount so I have no financial

I think the Atlas is probably a bit more robust, but the ME is much finer.

Also ME have self locking turnouts like Peco (the spring can be easily
removed if using stall motors).

Both brand are DCC friendly with an isolated frog that can be powered if you
want live frogs.

BTW, we are not touting for your business.

The freight from here would be a bit expensive (grin)


David North

North Model Railroad Supplies Pty. Ltd.




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