Re: Prototype for the Atlas 2 bay offset side hopper?

Ray Thibaut

Tom and Group,
The newest "Railway Prototype Cyclopedia" Volume 25 has 81 pages devoted to the A.A.R. 50 ton Standard Hopper and the similar "Van Sweringen Advisory Mechanical Committee Cars". Rosters, Photos, Histories, Drawings and more than what you ever wanted to know about 2 Bay Offset Hoppers. If you grew up in the same period i did "Everything You Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask About ___". Any who I think it's a very good deal for only $29.95. I just received mine in the mail this week. And if you really want to know more it's only the 7th in a series of articles about 2 bay offset hoppers. So you could collect more of them, if you wanted to! Is Maine Central northeast enough for you? They had 250 cars! I don't know if you think of Erie, Reading,and LNE as Northeastern Railroads but they had lots of these cars also. Canadian Pacific also had some of these cars. So you definitely could paint and letter some of these cars for Northeastern Railroads.
Ray Thibaut
for more info go to:
RP CYC Publishing Co.
P.O.Box 451
Chesterfield MO.

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