Re: WFE 68400 - 68649

Steve Haas

Tyrone Johnsen writes:

"I am looking for information on the as delivered paint and lettering
configuration of the WFE 68400 - 68649 40ft steel refrigerator cars from
PC&F. Anyone seen a picture of one? ....."


If you haven't already reviewed it, check the article in the Form 19
Modeler's Section of the March 1997 GN Goat. There's an article in that
issue that illustrates how to convert an Intermountain R-40-23 WFEX kit to a
68400 - 68649 series model. Physical changes to the model include
substituting a diagonal panel roof, and replacing the side sill tabs with a
continuous sill using 2" x 6" Evergreen stripwood. Modeling article uses
most of the existing lettering, replacing the car numbers and the herald.

Article also refers to a Clive Carter article in the April 1996 Mainline
Modeler, and an article on PFE R-40-25 cars by Don Smith in the Feburary
1995 Mainline Modeler.

Hopefully these leads will be useful to you.

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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