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ROB--The F & C website states that AAR Cast Steel trucks are appropriate. You may also want to join the Wabash Yahoo group "wabashrailroadhistoricalsoc." and ask the same question. The 40' SS Autocars have been discussed quite extensively there. Best Wishes--CARL

Carl G. Camann
Atlanta, Georgia

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I don't usually post messages to this forum as I am one of those who just lurk to find out things. I must say that the discussions on this list have improved my freight car knowledge and modelling skills accordingly. Althought that can be a two edged sword, I know a lot more than I used to and am far more picky now about getting it right.

I am presently in the process of building a Funaro and Camerlengo Wabash Autocar the kit number is 7084. I have come to the point of adding the trucks which are not included in the kit, yes I did know that when I bought it, but I thought the instructions might have what type of truck I need to use. Can anyone help, the car is HO of course and it is the one piece body kit. To my eye the truck in the diagram looks like either the ARA Cast Steel with spring plank, AAR Double Truss self aligning spring plankless or an ASF A3 50 ton.

Can someone please point me in the right direction, the car is numbered 46838 if that helps with the car series. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Rob McLear
Kingaroy Australia.

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