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So would it be correct to say that TCI&R and Chickasaa were predecessors of Pullman Bessemer?

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Chickasaw and TCI Car Builders
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I'm writing up an article on SAL flat cars for an upcoming issue of the S-CL Modeler magazine. The cars I'm covering, the SAL F-4 class 40-foot flat cars, were built by Chickasaw and Tennessee Coal & Iron in 1922. I'd like to include some information on these carbuilders and have picked up a little info with the standard internet searches, but the information on freight car building is lacking. If any of you guys would care to share your knowledge of these carbuilders can you please give me a shout?


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

2012 St. Louis RPM Photos Online at
Chickasaw Ship Building & Car Co, Fairfield, AL 1921 - 1928 was a
subsidiary of US Steel - Purchased by Pullman about 1929. Some
equipment moved to the new Pullman plant in Bessemer, AL.

Info from the R&LHS Railroad History No 138 (Spring 1978)

Howard Garner

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