Re: Canadian Pacific box cars in series 248 360 to 252 249

Thomas Baker


I need some help here: I am working on kitbashing an S-scale box car produced once upon a time by an outfit known as Pacific Rail Shops. HO modelers ought to be familiar with the box car kits produced by the company because the kits follow the parts production and assembly techniques of the Intermountain cars in HO.

Once upon a time also parts from another home producer were available to make a number of cars not produced by PRS. I purchased ends for a CP box car in the series 248 360 through 252 249. I have a set of CD dry transfers and a rather blurry photo of such a car. Here are the two areas where I need help:

1. The dry transfers are still in a sealed plastic pack and were purchased probably back in 2006. Will they still work? Any advice in applying older transfers?

2. From a photo I have of car250093, I cannot determine whether the ladders are the standard seven-rung version or the ubiquitous Canadian eight-rung version. Someone out there, I am sure, knows the correct answer to this.

People on this list have been helpful before, and I hope they will again.

Tom Baker

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