Re: Airbrush Clinic & Demo at Naperville

Alan Houtz

To all who commented, thank you very much! I had fun teaching the classes. It is our intent to return next year, though I was thinking of shortening the clinic. The thought was possibly a one hour beginner session and a one hour advanced session every day. I spoke with many who were interested in attending but could not see their way clear to giving up three hours of clinic time for one event. As a long time attendee, believe me I can relate! No matter how I juggled my clinic schedule in a given year I always ended up missing out on something!

Your thoughts on what you would like in a class are welcome.


Alan Houtz

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I am curious if anyone on the list participated in the Iwata Airbrush Clinic & Demo during the recent Naperville event and what learnings, wisdom, opinions, etc resulted in general about painting, airbrushing, the their specific airbrush?

Bill Welch

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