CofGa Flat Car Assistance Needed



While researching TCI&R/Chickasaw-built flat cars for an article in an upcoming issue of the S-CL Modeler, I remembered that the Central of Georgia Rwy HS recently rescued a former TCI&R flat car that was very similar to the SAL cars.  A real one, not a model.  Photos of the Central flat car can be found at  The story of the car's rescue is quite interesting.

I talked to Allen Tuten at the Central society and he has virtually zero information on the car.  I was wondering if anyone in this group might have a photo of that class of Central flats in service, or perhaps a drawing, or anything else that would be useful to help prototype restoration and modeling? 

Thanks, guys!

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL
2012 St. Louis RPM Photos Online at

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