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Dave Sarther

What other "safety warnings" would have been printed on blue flags? For example were there signs for loading/unloading, repairs?

Thanks, Dave Sarther Tucson, AZ

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Thanks Tony and Dennis!!

need to get busy making blue flags...

Clark Propst
I just sent Clark some artwork for a blue flag that says "STOP Tank Car Connected". It was derived from a blue flag used by a bulk petroleum distributor in the midwest. Its a pdf file that will automatically print out 100%, 110%, 120%, 130%, and 140% HO-scale blue cards that can be printed, cut out and glued to a sharp-ended object like a pin for layout use. (I've tried the 100%-sized ones but they tend to get lost on the layout and are hard for me to handle, so in my case some compromise as to size is necessary...)

If anyone else is interested in this file please contact me off-list and I will be glad to eMail it.


Charles Hostetler

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