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Ian Cranstone

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Andy Laurent and I are working on a post in our waybill series that involves the movement of CN 589448, which is one of 490 steel XMs in CN 589000 to 589499 (Jan 1958 ORER). These cars had an IL of 40'6", and IW of 9'2", an IH of 10'6", a side door opening of 15', and end door, and capacities of 3898 cu. ft. and 85,000 lbs.

And that's all I know about them. I'm hoping someone might be able to direct me to a good reference about these cars specifically or CN cars in general. My reference library is rather thin here.
Built by Canadian Car & Foundry in 1/1948, and other than the double doors and the end doors, which were unique to this particular series of steel automobile cars on CNR these cars were fairly standard Canadian boxcars. There were originally 500 cars, and beginning about 1967 began to be renumbered into other series (593000-593099 & 740000-740361, and subsequently into the 595000-595999 series).

I don't know of any article on this series in particular one of the articles on my to-do list is a history of CN's steel automobile cars, as it was one topic that Stafford Swain did not cover.

As for CN cars in general, try the below weblink...

Ian Cranstone
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