Wabash 19000-19124 Automobile box cars

Rob Adams

In case other modelers might also be interested, Issue Number 3 of The
Wabash Modeler will go to the printer next week and will be available in
December. It features an article about the Wabash 18000-18024 and
19000-19124 Automobile box cars, with several prototype photographs,
paint and stenciling diagrams, and information about the car's service
and modifications. To supplement the prototype information, there is
also an article by Pierre Oliver about modeling the cars in HO using the
Sunshine Mini-kit. I've included a sketch of the side sill
reinforcement to assist modelers who might wish to create this part on
their own, particularly the guys in O or N scale, where decent models
also exist. I'm a Proto:48 modeler so this was my interest.

TWM Number 3 also includes a very detailed article about scratchbuilding
an Automobile loading platform based on a Wabash Standard. This is a
very generic steam structure that would look great on any layout (think
team track or freight house). Gary Roe built models in N, HO and O
scale. Instructions, parts list and photos are included for each scale
in the article.

Kind regards,

Rob Adams
Wellman, IA

On 11/27/12 4:19 AM, roblmclear wrote:

Hello to all

I know this is probably a forlorn hope but does anyone out there have
a Sunshin mini kit for the Wabash 19000-19124 Autocars, would be
willing to pay reasonable price. If not can anyone supply pictures of
what I have to do to the Proto 2000 50' car to make it right. Need to
have about six of these and I was hoping to get one of the Sunshine
kits as a reference to model the other five.

As usual any help would be appreciated.

Rob McLear.

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