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This probably won't mean much, but I had the pleasure of seeing helium cars passing through Southern Arizona for about 10 or so years, from the mid 70's through the mid 80's. The only cars I ever saw we're the same design as modeled by Tony.

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I have now posted the last of three descriptions of my conversion of an AHM helium car, to an improved model suitable for my layout. A vital part of the completion of this model was the new helium car decals from Jerry Glow. If you'd like to read about and see the model, you can go to this link:

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This makes into a nice model, Tony, and one that also reaises some questions for me. Some years ago I was given a batch of ACF car drawings. Few were labeled as to the road they were designed for. This makes me further wonder who many of them were actually constructed. Therein lies there relationship to helium cars as one of them is noted to be a helium car. The drawing is not right at hand at the moment but can be dug out. If memory serves there were either two or three rows of stacked tanks with the tanks being larger in diameter than those on your model and being stacked like cordwood.
Does this strike a familiar cord with you or other listees? Might anyone know how many different styles of helium tank cars might have been used and how many different builders constructed them?

Just something else to contemplate, Don Valentine

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