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I was reading Tony's excellent blogs on the helium cars, and I remember his comment about painting them using SP lettering grey. While I cannot fault Tony's choice, I did spend my military duty in the Navy and one thing I can say for sure is that the Navy painted EVERYTHING haze grey, which is a medium grey and is somewhat darker than SP lettering grey. Now Tony's justification for using SP lettering grey makes sense to me, but for those of you who want to go with a more maintained color, I would recommend a darker grey than what Tony used.

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Don Valentine wrote:
This makes into a nice model, Tony, and one that also reaises some questions for me. Some years ago I was given a batch of ACF car drawings. Few were labeled as to the road they were designed for. This makes me further wonder who many of them were actually constructed. Therein lies there relationship to helium cars as one of them is noted to be a helium car. The drawing is not right at hand at the moment but can be dug out. If memory serves there were either two or three rows of stacked tanks with the tanks being larger in diameter than those on your model and being stacked like cordwood.
Does this strike a familiar cord with you or other listees? Might anyone know how many different styles of helium tank cars might have been used and how many different builders constructed them?
No need to wonder about this, as Jay Miller made a superb clinic handout over five years ago, with COMPLETE rosters and photos of all the helium cars built over the decades. I relied on Jay's information in making my model and cited his handout in a couple of posts. But anyone wanting to download it can do so at the following link; scroll down to about the middle of the page (just above the list of helium plants) and you will find a link for the entire handout.

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