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Bill Welch

Military Modelers commonly use slightly lighter shades of paint to compensate for what they call "the Scale Effect."

Bill Welch

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Bill Daniels wrote:
I was reading Tony's excellent blogs on the helium cars, and I remember his comment about painting them using SP lettering grey. While I cannot fault Tony's choice, I did spend my military duty in the Navy and one thing I can say for sure is that the Navy painted EVERYTHING haze grey, which is a medium grey and is somewhat darker than SP lettering grey. Now Tony's justification for using SP lettering grey makes sense to me, but for those of you who want to go with a more maintained color, I would recommend a darker grey than what Tony used.
Bill noticed that I deliberately chose a lighter gray to reflect both fading of elderly paint and also the effects of indoor lighting. I am sure he is correct that the usual Navy medium gray is the right color if a person were restoring a prototype car, but in model form I think it looks too dark.

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