Adventures with C&BT cars

Clark Propst

I remember C&BT coming to Trainfest in Milwaukee with quite a large display, talking to the owner and even buying a couple models.

Lately I made up a model want list based on documented loads that my layout customers would have shipped/received. Came up with 2 C&BT models, both with 12 panel sides.
Stan Rydarowicz sent me a couple 12 panel shells he had. One of the cars on my list was a ATSF 12 panel car. Richard was kind enough to email mme an image. Stan’s bodies had the right sides and ends, but wrong roof. I had to cut it off and add a replacement, among other things. It wasn’t till I was decaling the car that I noticed the side end panels were wider than the rest causing the herald to rest on a seam instead of between two...oh well...

When I was ‘studying’ one of Ed Hawkin’s spread sheets for the other car on my list’s body I noticed that some of the cars marked for 12 panel sides had a W behind the 12. Maybe I now know what that W meant?

The other car on the list was CNJ. The other week a 12 panel model with the right end/roof configuration showed up for sale on the HO Interchange Yahoo group, so I bought it. It has arrived. The CNJ cars were welded, this model ‘had’ rivets. But, the side panels are all the same width. There were a bunch of photos on the CNJ cars on the “fallen Flags” website. Maybe the first 2/3s of the order had 7’ 5 panel superior doors the last 1/3 had Youngstown. The car came with 7 panel Superior doors, so I need to scratch a pair up. Jerry Glow is modifying a CNJ decal set for me. Happy bout that. It will be interesting to see what pitfalls await with this model.
Working with models you’re not that familiar with is an adventure for sure.

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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