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Accurail 3015 is fairly close, but it's not quite right. The prototype AF-3 was the 1937 DD auto car with 4-5 ends, but SAL cars had pre-war doors and a different bottom side sill. To best match the AF-3 use the excellent Red Caboose car. The Accurail car you have might be a good stand in for an SAL AF-5 but the AF-5 had proprietary Pullman ends and a different sill so you're out of luck there too.I can send you photos offline and you can figure out if the car is close enough for your taste.

John Golden
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Was given an Accurail #3015 Seaboard double-door 40ft. box no. 22449. Nice looking with great "Courteous Service" slogan. am not familiar with Seaboard equipment and was wondering if this is a fairly accurate model. From the few photos I found it is not like the AF-3's with that number series. Model has diagonal panel roof, looks like Youngstown doors, 3-4 ends with rectangular top rib and long side sill. I would like to upgrade it if pretty much correct for a Seaboard car. Thanks,  Tom Dill

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