A steam-era ORER question

greg kennelly

Typically, how far in advance of the cover date did the railways supply data to the ORER publisher in the era when the ORER was issued quarterly?

Specifically, I am looking at the WP's first group of Compartmentizer-equipped PS-1s, delivered in 11-51 in series 20801 - 20820 in the all-silver with large orange feather scheme and subsequently re-numbered into series 19501 - 19520 in the same scheme. The January 1953 ORER shows 14 cars in the new series and 5 remaining in the original series (one has apparently disappeared). Series 19501 - 19520 is indicated as a new addition (presumably since the October 1952 edition) but the 20801 - 20820 series is not indicated as a reduction in the number of cars since the previous edition.

For my mid-September 1952 layout, I am trying to determine which series would likely be the predominant one. Does anyone have an October 1952 ORER who would be able to check whether series 19501 - 19520 is shown in that edition?

Thanks for any assistance.

Greg Kennelly
Burnaby, BC

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