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I can't really say we have plans but we have the desire to do the earlier 40 foot PS-1s along with the 8 foot door 50' PS-1s and perhaps these will become plans then reality.

Unlike most other model railroad manufacturers our primary products are couplers and our freight car line is one of our secondary product lines.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Do you have any plans to do the early PS-1?

Elden Gatwood

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Hello Group,

There's a bit of information that hasn't been mentioned yet about the riveted 40" PS-1 ends. We have found that cars built at the Michigan City Plant did not have rivets on the ribs and the cars built at the Bessemer, Alabama Plant had the rivets. After we introduced our 40 foot PS-1 we did not do any cars built in Bessemer, AL until we made an end with the proper rivet pattern. Cars built prior to 1954 have riveted seam lines and afterward the seam is welded.

Hope this helps and if any body finds different or additional information we'd sure appreciate knowing.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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FYI, at the IRM Pullman Library we are in the process of completing the filing by lot number of the P-S freight cars from late 5800's toward end of production over the next two months, currently at lot 8700. Occasionally there may be a photo, general drawing, and certainly a specification. Give a reply if you know what you are looking for to complete your model, and the lot number or numbers (more means a better chance of finding the info). Note that we are talking about a baggage car filled with archived cartons by lot number, so please be specific. Our charges are designed to be reasonable yet cover the cost of restoration, all volunteer assistance. Earlier lots back to the teens, including Haskell & Barker and Standard Steel Car, are in separate, filed collections of extensive linen drawings, licensed copies available. Perhaps the information you seek might be there in one of the collections. Check also ericsrailcarhistory for the P-S freight car listings on CD.
Ted Anderson, IRM Pullman Library curator

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Mark Stamm asked:
"What spread sheet are you referring to?"

Pullman Standard PS-1 40' Box Car List, compiled by Ed Hawkins (MS Excel file):

Ben Hom

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