Hemp Carpet and Rope


Yes that title is not a typo.

I have a question that I am looking for straightforward answers.

On the stretch of railroad I would like to model are two industries in different towns. I would believe these are owned by the same company. The product is hemp carpets, as the buildings are plainly listed as such.

Photos and written data providing this information are dated to the late 1920's and 1940's respectively.

I know in 1970, the Controlled Substance Act outlawed hemp and growing hemp in the US.

The date of my modeling is fall of 1953. I would like to get the date down tighter however I have to do further research regarding crop harvesting and weather reports of that time frame. (OK, three questions if you can provide research sources for that last sentence.)

My main question is with hemp and hemp carpets - Was it a going if marginal concern in 1953, or an already collapsed industry?

I have talked with former Navy personnel who spoke highly of hemp rope on Navy ships and am aware of the hemp rope industry.

I guess I'll add a fourth question and ask: When did (the commercial use of) hemp rope fall out of favor.

Thank you - Jim Dick - St. Paul

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