Partly About Tangent Underframes, but More about weathering the deck

Charles Hostetler <cesicjh@...>

Good Evening,

I've posted a few shots of the Tangent underframes because my models just arrived, I was curious about the thread, and I wanted to try some close-up photography. Those interested can see the results here, and perhaps this will help some folks make their own judgments...

I'm really interested in weathering the deck. My weathering efforts to date have mostly been on replacement level models, and I'm a bit daunted by the thought of not doing justice to the model. So far I've been working with acrylic washes and trying to gain experience and control. I've also spent some time looking at photos of flat car decks. These decks would only be a little over a year old in October 1957, so I want something a bit subtle.

I am thinking of a very light shading with a variety of prisma color pencils before an acrylic wash. I'd appreciate any words of encouragement or suggestions.


Charles Hostetler

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