Re: Partly About Tangent Underframes, but More about weathering the deck

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

<Good Evening,
<I've posted a few shots of the Tangent underframes because my models
<just arrived, I was curious about the thread, and I wanted to try some
<close-up photography. Those interested can see the results here, and
<perhaps this will help some folks make their own judgments...
<I'm really interested in weathering the deck. My weathering efforts to
<date have mostly been on replacement level models, and I'm a bit daunted
<by the thought of not doing justice to the model. So far I've been
<working with acrylic washes and trying to gain experience and control.
<I've also spent some time looking at photos of flat car decks. These
<decks would only be a little over a year old in October 1957, so I want
<something a bit subtle.
<I am thinking of a very light shading with a variety of prisma color
<pencils before an acrylic wash. I'd appreciate any words of
<encouragement or suggestions.
<Charles Hostetler


Stan Rydarowicz had a good article on painting styrene wooded freight car
floors in the February 2006 issue of RMC...

Jack Burgess

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