Re: Sand blasting abrasives...

Rod Miller

On 12/5/12 10:41 AM, Jack Burgess wrote:
I've been using Paasche Air Eraser Compound (AEX-5) as a sand blasting
abrasive for grab irons, steps, etc. on resin cars which has been fine. I'm
now building a model which is being fabricated completely with brass shapes,
etc. I sand blasted the frame the other day and the abrasive wasn't hard
enough to remove excess solder. Any recommendations for an abrasives to use
with brass?

Jack Burgess
I remove excess solder by scraping it off. Sometimes tedious for
sure. I use a scraper from McMaster Carr

See the A and B Machinist's Scrapers.

Your dentist is usually willing to part with some interesting
forms of scraping tools. I have several and find them handy
for tight spaces.



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