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Actually it does, if you copy the whole URL. Yahoo will often break a long URL, as it did in this case.
An easier way to post long URLs would be to use one of the online services, like TinyURL to get more manageable sized URLs.

For this site, use:

Bill Daniels
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The site doesn't come up with that url.
Thanks, Noel

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Cyril Warren has posted some terrific photos and maps on New York Central's operations in and around New York City at this website:!4718&Bsrc=Share&Bpub=SDX.SkyDrive#cid=616B1F67315E9E01&id=616B1F67315E9E01!7866

There are 244 images here, including the construction of the High Line. Lots of panoramic shots of freight cars, but not too many close ups. Forgive me if this has been previously posted here.

Doug Chapman

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