Re: Sand blasting abrasives...

Rod Miller

On 12/8/12 8:44 AM, Lee Thwaits wrote:
One thing not mentioned is air pressure. I find that about 35 -40 psi
about right using 220 grit, also must have sufficient supply of air.

Lee Thwaits
You need to be careful when sand blasting sheet brass. The
abrasive action on the metal can heat it to the point where it
warps, never to be the same again.

In my much younger days (e.g., I didn't know better) I decided
to have an industrial sand blaster remove the paint from a car.
Every panel came out badly warped. A well-known custom builder
and painter had the same experience when attempting to remove
the paint from a brass model.

I think Lee's advice on air pressure is good, just stay away
from higher pressures, and of course, check temperature of
the metal as you proceed.



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