Re: A Glossary or Lexicon of Terms related to Freight Cars

Bill Welch

Thanks to all that responded to my question or appeal and I am glad to know there is a source. Since the going price of a Car Builders CYC seems to start at about $150, I am wondering if someone might be willing to scan the Glossary pages of their CYC and create a PDF that could be housed in the STMFC files section so many of us could use it as a resource?

Bill Welch

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Let's not reinvent the wheel. It is my opinion that the best source to answer your questions is the Dictionary of Terms found in the beginning of each Car Builders' Cyc.

To answer your specific questions, Fish-Belly Sill and Side Sill are the terms found in the 1931 Cyc. The definition for Hatch is "The opening and also its cover through which ice is placed in refrigerator cars."

Gene Green

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