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The difference is spring travel. S-2A, B and C trucks used long travel springs of 2-1/2", 3-1/16" and 3-11/16", whereas the original S-2 trucks used either the ARA 1915 coils or the AAR 1936 coils, both with about 1-5/8" travel. All spring coils (except 1915) had an O.D. of 5-1/2".

Long travel springs could be used on Barber trucks with spring planks.

The vertical height dimension of the truck bolster end was influenced by the spring travel.

In both industry literature and cast-on lettering on truck side frames, just "S-2" could be used in leau of "S-2A", etc.

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What are the differences among the Barber S-2, S-2a, S-2b, S-2c. I have noted that the b and c are specified on some PRR cars and was wondering if the differences were so slight that the basic S-2 would suffice?


Rich Orr

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Thanks Richard


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What other car would have used this trucks?
Mark, the Barber S-2 was one of the two truck designs that were
widely used from the end of WW II through the '50s (the other being
the ASF A-3), so the 70 ton Barber S-2 was applied to many cars built
for many different railroads, chiefly (but not exclusively) flat
cars, mill gondolas, large hoppers, and covered hoppers. Later in
the '50s, they were also applied to a growing number of 70 ton box,
auto, insulated box, and mechanical refrigerator cars. As Ron
Merrick observes, spring package arrangements varied, but if you'll
look at my HO scale truck handout on the internet at <https://>,
you'll see that we currently have two choices for 70 Ton Barber S-2s
in HO scale, the ex-Red Caboose truck Andy offers and the Kadee #566,
which has three springs in line at the front of the spring package.
(The Tangent truck mentioned by Ron reprersens an ASF A-3, not a
Barber S-2).

Richard Hendrickson


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