PFE R-30-16 # series/ kit update

Andy Carlson

This may already be answered by now ( I receive my postings in digest form), but Terry tells me the # series for the R-30-16 class is:
PFE 73000- 76355 .

An update on these HO cars. Terry has completed everything for the conversion RC/"PFE" R-30-16, except for machining his steel roof for the RC body. I am hoping to get these this week, so I can ship by next week. Thanks for your patience,

Andy Carlson

Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 16:58:06 -0500
From: Clark Propst <>
Subject: PFE reefers

A couple of Napervilles ago I bought a PFE kit from the guy with the
Buddy Holly glasses (Wegeman?). I screwed the car up by painting it
Floquil Reefer Orange. I can now scrap that car and get a replacement
from Andy Carlson.
My question is: What's a good model paint match for the PFE orange?
I will use the same number on the replacement model. Rebuilt car with
steel ends and roof. I choose my cars from the M&StL lists I have.
Second question: What number series is the other model Andy is
selling? Older car with wooden ends and roof?
Sorry for not knowing class numbers.
Clark Propst


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