Re: pros and cons of brass bearings?


Denny Anspach writes:

"Athabaska made some very fine low profile conical brass bearing inserts designed for styrene E&B passenger trucks, if I recall; and Reboxx also once made some excellent engineering plastic bearing inserts."

I have at least one pair of Eastern Car Works 70 ton trucks operating on a UP CH-70-1 [ covered hopper ]. This truck is made of "soft" plastic, is without any insert, and the metal wheels are expected at some time [ no doubt during an op session ] to cause a hot box...thus spreading the unhappy car's contents on Sherman Hill...probably in Brucef...uh...Buford. Believing that realism is to be welcomed, I look forward to this event...although I doubt the population [ 1 ] of Buford will be as pleased.

Mike brock

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