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Hello to all in the group.

I am modelling 1947 on the Santa Fe and the one thing I have trouble with in identifing what cars I should run on the road, is what paint scheme was used when, I am not an expert by any means but I am pretty good with the ATSF and the UP as you would expect modelling the area around Cajon Pass. I also have reasonable knowledge on the Pennsy, NYC, Wabash, Erie and Northern Pacific. However only about one in four freight cars coming over the pass was a home road car, at least that is what my research and assistance from some others on this list has advised.

So looking at that there are going to be a large number of off road cars in the freight trains, so my question is this, is there somewhere where there has been a list or a lexicon of what road used what paint scheme when. I'm sure that some of the people that I have been asking questions of are getting a bit tired of it, despite their gracious efforts and unflinching help. A reference like that would also save me spending litterally thousands on reference books for almost each and every rairoad.

Can anyone advise or assist.

Rob McLear
Queensland Australia
Sitting and basking, or is that basting, in 95 deg heat today.

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