Re: pros and cons of brass bearings?

Bruce Smith

The ever resourceful folk of Bruceford have been known, as were many other lineside dwellers in the steam era, to salvage the contents from wrecked freight cars. Hopefully, the cargo of said hopper might be useful...


Bruce Smith,
Auburn AL (and sometimes Buford)

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Denny Anspach writes:

"Athabaska made some very fine low profile conical brass bearing inserts
designed for styrene E&B passenger trucks, if I recall; and Reboxx also once
made some excellent engineering plastic bearing inserts."

I have at least one pair of Eastern Car Works 70 ton trucks operating on a
UP CH-70-1 [ covered hopper ]. This truck is made of "soft" plastic, is
without any insert, and the metal wheels are expected at some time [ no
doubt during an op session ] to cause a hot box...thus spreading the unhappy
car's contents on Sherman Hill...probably in Brucef...uh...Buford. Believing
that realism is to be welcomed, I look forward to this event...although I
doubt the population [ 1 ] of Buford will be as pleased.

Mike brock


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