Re: NWX and WRX

Mark Mathu

In STMFC@..., Bill Welch wrote:
I have a vague recollection reading somewhere that North Western
Refrigerator Line and Western Refrigerator Line were linked
operationally and the addresses for billing for both are the same
231 S. La Salle St. in Chicago. They also shared for a time at
least the very same reefer gray paint scheme and used cars
designed by AC&F.
This arrangement appears the same sort collaborative and
cooperative arrangement the FGE/WFE/BRE System. Is there anyone out
there can anymore about the two companies and how their combined
operations played out. For example, were their cars pooled?

Refer to this 1949 news article-- North American Car Corp. (parent of NWX) owned a 60% stake in the Western Refrigerator Line (WRX) at the time.

Car Corp. Net Dips
Milwaukee Journal - Mar 22, 1949

I'm not aware of their assets being pooled. The WRX's repair facility was in Green Bay, and although I've seen pictures of wood WRX reefers lines up on the tracks, I've never seen NWX reefers there.

Mark Mathu
Whitefish Bay, Wis.

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