Re: Shorpy and the A.T.&S.F

Michael Aufderheide


Of the 22,350 box and auto cars on the Sante Fe at the time 14,450 were steel sheathed or 64.65%. If it weren't for the March photo date, I would wonder if many of the Bx-3, 11, 12, & 13s were busy in the plains states for the harvest.


Mike Aufderheide

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There are fewer single-sheathed box cars than I would have expected. Since the majority of box cars appear to be Santa Fe, to the extent that such a determination can be made, what does that say about the Santa Fe box car fleet?

Did the Santa Fe have fewer single-sheathed box car series?

Had the Santa Fe replaced most of their single-sheathed box cars with all-steel, double-sheathed cars by the time of the photo?

Gene Green

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